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FİXKİM A.Ş is one of the leading companies structured within Balcı group in the field of Construction Chemicals and offers powder and liquid products which can be defined as special products since 2004 in addition to the products known in the construction chemicals. Fixkim has a product range of more than 300 products and ISO 9001, TSE, CE, GOST-R quality management and certificates and moreover Fixkim A.Ş is member of the İZODER, PÜD and IMSAD associations.

Fixkim has production facilities in three regions in Istanbul, Nigde and Trabzon with a total 75,000 m2 production area. Believing that investment in employees bring service quality Fixkim A.Ş. has more than 200 employees all of whom are expert in their fields with its own warehouses making distribution to all regions of Turkey and more than 800 distributors. Fixkim A.Ş. has also achieved the same success in foreign markets likewise in Turkey and exports its products to many countries especially Netherlands, Belgium Saudi Arabia, England, Bulgaria, Malta, Colombia, Abkhazia, Lebanon, Israel, Germany, France, Nigeria, Senegal, America, Somalia Tanzania, Turkmenistan, Sudan, Iraq, Cyprus, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, northern Cyprus and Romania. The company has the capacity of 800 tons in Istanbul, 350 tons in Niğde and 450 tons in Trabzon for construction mortars and water insulation production. Also the company produces EPS in Istanbul facilities with 3500 m3 daily capacity. Fixkim branded EPS blocks are produced between 10-32 density range.

Main products within Fixkim A.Ş. foam jacketing product range are produced with FixkimPor and Fixkim A.Ş assurance and due to harmony of all products with each other full efficiency is ensured in jacketing operations. Fixkim A.Ş. is the single company giving 15 years warranty for jacketing systems.

Fixkim A.Ş is always working to deliver convenience and comfort for customers and masters. R & D laboratories develop new and rational solutions for many products. In some parts of the projects the company works in cooperation with TUBITAK and universities.

Two-Component Self Leveling Water Repellent Leveling product is also supported by TUBITAK and offered to clients in 2014. The product eliminates the problems of surface swelling and cracking of surface and used in flat ground and flat roof systems; and Fixkim is proud of this product since it is the first waterproof leveling screed. Two-Component Self Leveling Water Repellent Leveling product has entered into the world literature with suggestion of TÜBİTAK.

Fixkim has not forget its social responsibilities in our country and built 12 classrooms primary and secondary education school in Çayırlı in 2014 and opened for education.

In addition, Fixkim has been the main sponsor of Conquest 1453 movie which is the highest budget film of Turkish cinema history. Fixkim continues to reward masters with gold campaign for 10 years.

Fixakademi continues to building master trainings in entire turkey and in 20 countries.

In order to look forward to the future with confidence, to strengthen ties with business partners, and to achieve new successes together, Fixkim A.Ş will continue to add richness to the market with its new products and to offer its current products to domestic and foreign customers by sustaining quality of existing products.

Fixkim A.Ş. Adres İstanbul Deri Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 3.Yol H-21 Tuzla /İstanbul Tel: +90 216 394 88 00 (8 hat) Fax: +90 216 394 88 09
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